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can make you go seanez favorite display. if you are sean penn -- look, if you are sean penn and if something really asinine you have to get out there, where you go? that's right, piers morgan. on october 14 to mr. penn delivered one of the most asinine comments every national television. can we call cnn national television anymore? and even worse, he insisted that we know this -- she insisted we note this is his original thought. he came up with it. >> he has what i call get the word out of the white house. at the end of the day there is a big couple saying, can we just luncheon? >> he's so charming. how do you decide a winner here? the winner of the 2012 barbra streisand political i.q. award for political activity goes to bbq go, sean penn. ♪ >> he has what i call it the and word out of the white house party, the tea party. there's a big bubble coming off their heads, saying, can we just lynch him? ♪ >> i'm sorry underneath so much water. i selected an enormous amount of pot before i got here and and has enormous strain mouse. unfortunately sean penn couldn't be here. w
indulge me and excuse me for this, william penn. transylvania pennsylvanian the founding of that state. it has to do with compassion. as i understand, it may be okay for after the election, but five weeks is not enough time for them to put into place what they are attempting to do. i think it is kind of interesting if you look at the other issues that we have in the house. ohio was the reasonable of on the ground there, really, and to have states that have held out so much hope for people who have been disenfranchised and people who have been really relegated, had their repetition threatened this way, and this judge stepping in in ohio, it gives me hope in which these two states will continue to allow us to move forward. >> going into the last couple minutes, we join the washington gubernatorial debate between jay inslee and rob mckenna. this will be one of the closest governor races in the country. it is courtesy of kcts tv. >> aarp urges you to find out where the candidates stand. more information at and by the floyd and the loris jones foundations and by viewers like you. t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2